Don’t forget to ask your CPA about… . Tax Incentivized Assets

For high-earners, Tax Incentivized Assets are an absolute must.


Tax Incentivized Assets (or TIAs) are easily acquired assets that are both economically beneficial, and also open up significant tax benefits for you… if you know where to acquire them.

Most CPAs ignore TIAs because to leverage them requires outside industry expertise and connections. However, without including TIAs in your tax strategy, you’re potentially missing out on an important diversification in your portfolio and opportunity to benefit from making a tax equity investment.

Our investment portfolio offers ready-made TIAs in the following industries:

Film and Television

Per the Trump Tax Code revisions, investors can deduct the cost basis of a qualified film during the year it is first exploited. 

Renewable Energy

Owners of large scale, commercial solar energy projects now benefit from 100% bonus depreciation plus a 30% Federal Tax Credit… while providing alternative, renewable energy to the grid and earning income each month.

Affordable Housing  

Investment in low-income housing can earn either a 40% Federal Tax Credit, with an additional 50% credit available for qualified rehabilitation projects.


These massive tax cuts seem too good to be true, but they are battle-tested by the Silicon Valley elite, many of whom are Streamline clients. The IRS views all TIAs as investments that will encourage economic growth, so they incentivize investment in these areas with tax credits and bonus depreciation.

The goal of TIAs is to get the private sector to make investments with reasonable profit expectation that also provide a public benefit. While Congress reaches their goal of stimulating the economy, creating jobs, and keeping taxable revenue within the US, you acquire an asset that may earn income and profit while also reducing your tax burden. 

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