If you made more than $800K in 2017, a tax equity investment strategy is ESSENTIAL...

If you made over $800K this year and aren't including Tax Incentivized Assets in your portfolio and, you could be missing out on a very important investment opportunity.

How It Works:

Tax Incentivized Assets, or TIAs, were created by Congress and the IRS to stimulate economic growth in key industry verticals. These industries include the film/tv, renewable energy and low-income real estate.

Streamline provides a bespoke tax equity investment solution for high-income earners that provide the investor with a reasonable profit potential and reasonable risk profile coupled with significant tax savings from bonus depreciation and tax credits as provided under the Internal Revenue Code.

The tax savings allocated to these investments increases investor profit and lowers investor risk by allowing the investor to recover a significant portion of their investment within the first year.

Our clients gain access to investment opportunities which are expressly incentivized by the Internal Revenue Code with significant tax benefits.

Our goal is to structure an investment into assets that provide both a profit potential and an allocation of bonus depreciation and tax credits.  

Our solution increases profit through rapid cost recovery lowering the break-even point and lowering risk.  Our investments strictly follow Internal Revenue Code and related provisions which allow an investor to benefit from an allocation of bonus depreciation and tax credits.

It’s the U.S. government's way of stimulating the economy and creating jobs in key industries. 

Streamline helps our clients quickly and easily find and invest in TIAs to ensure reasonable expectation of profit, low risk profile, and significant tax savings.

Owning a TIA has multiple benefits for high-earners: 

  1. You own an asset that can earn income and profit. 
  2. You own an asset with tax benefits expressly stated by the Internal Revenue Code. 
  3. You make a positive impact in arts, clean energy, or affordable housing.

Why Hasn't My CPA Recommended This?

Streamline is a boutique asset developer with a focus on Tax Incentivized Assets.

Streamline is not an accounting firm.  Instead, we source, develop, manage, package and offer qualified assets in the film and renewable energy industries to clients seeking tax equity investments. Our solution may be incorporated by a client’s CPA as part of a comprehensive investment program and tax solution.

Streamline offers investments to individuals seeking a reasonable expectation of income and profit as well as tax benefits.

Streamline offers clients an ability to own an asset that can earn them income and profit, as well as tax benefits.  Because finding assets with profit potential and significant tax benefits is rare, CPAs utilize Streamline as an investment solution for their clients.

Our process begins with a review of your current and last two prior years of tax returns, and a full assessment of the income and profit potential as well as the tax benefits available to you by owning a TIA.

Am I Eligible?

Start by giving us a call at 702-706-3083 to check your eligibility or click below to request a call.